Te Kete Ahumaara | The basket of knowledge | Plant & Food Research

Building the future from the wealth of past generations

Te Kete Ahumāra - a knowledge ‘kete’ - has been created to provide a comprehensive information directory for both established and new Māori businesses involved in food production.

The goal of Te Kete Ahumāra is to encourage collaboration between Iwi and Māori businesses and relevant New Zealand research entities to accelerate development of Māori enterprises within horticulture, aquaculture and arable crops.

Māori business is a powerful force in Aotearoa / New Zealand’s economy. Māori are major landowners and operators of business in New Zealand and we acknowledge their long history of entrepreneurship, based on traditional knowledge about the conservation, cultivation and harvesting of food from land and sea.

By combining traditional mātauranga Māori with Western science, the full potential of Māori people and resources can be realised for the benefit and well being of Aotearoa.

We want to bring together Māori knowledge systems with the science and technologies of modern food production - to be part of the process that stimulates the expansive growth of Māori people, businesses and resource development for the benefit and well being of us all in Aotearoa.

Case Studies
  • Mānuka and Tairawhiti Pharmaceuticals

    Mānuka and Tairawhiti Pharmaceuticals

    Traditional knowledge validated by scientific testing
    Having the therapeutic properties of mānuka validated by independent scientific research has given East Coast company Tairawhiti Pharmaceuticals Limited the credibility and confidence to establish a global business.

  • Ohuia Incorporation Summer Fruit

    Ohuia Incorporation Summer Fruit

    Northern Hawke's Bay Summer Fruit - Ohuia Incorporation
    Local iwi in northern Hawke’s Bay are using scientific knowledge to gain economic advantage from the local climate.

  • Wakatu and Kono Horticulture

    Wakatu and Kono Horticulture

    Combining traditional values and modern science
    Blending traditional values and knowledge with modern science and innovation underpins the success achieved by Nelson-based Wakatu Incorporation.

He kura tangata e kore e rokohanga, he kura whenua ka rokohanga
In a world where men and women and their possessions have no permanence, the land remains as the one possession which never changes nor is ever destroyed